Grounded is an app dedicated to helping you quit weed or to take a tolerance break. Whether you’re here to quit cold turkey or to take a tolerance break (T-break), we have all the tools you need to experience life-changing benefits.

Although weed is nowhere near as destructive or as addictive as a cigarette (not even close!), and the plant itself has been noted to contain many health benefits and many other uses such as hemp, and CBD, there is a growing number of findings that a percentage of its users can become addicted to it. THC may not be physically addictive, but users can become dependent on it for a number of reasons. Dependence can range from, avoiding life problems, and boredom to dealing with anxiety, and depression. If marijuana has caused a negative impact on your life, Grounded can help you quit it, and transform your life.

We also recognize that some users who would like to use Grounded are not life long quitters but may just want to take a short break to increase their tolerance, or to flush the THC out of their system. We have provided tools to help them track breaks also. Grounded provides all the tools and resources needed for users on all sides of the 420 spectra.


• Health stats section that includes a list of withdrawal symptoms and how long until the symptoms will be gone

• Health stats sections also track how long until your tolerance is reset. Your cannabinoid receptors need to be reset for THC to be fully effective

• Log your daily feelings to help you learn more about your cravings.

• Count how long you’ve stayed away from cannabis.

• Watch your money grow because of how much you’ve saved from quitting cannabis.

• Get rewarded with achievements for the amount of time you’ve been able to quit cannabis.

Who is using Grounded?

• People who want to quit to transform their lives!

• People who want to take a tolerance break

• People who want to supercharge their careers!

• People who are on probation, and are looking for a second chance

• People who want a better way to practice moderation

This is the best quitting cannabis/tolerance break weed apps in the app store and you won’t be disappointed!