What is a tolerance break?

Have you started to feel like you don’t get as high as you used to anymore? You do get high but it just feels like you’re not getting the same euphoric feeling you used to get? You may even find that it takes more and more weed to even get you to an alright level. Why not try taking a tolerance break? What is a tolerance break you ask? In this article we’ll tell you all you need to know.

What is a Tolerance Break?

A tolerance break also known as a (T-break) is an extended period where you don’t smoke weed in hopes that it will lower your tolerance so that you can get the same feeling you used to get.

The Science Behind Tolerance Breaks

To understand the effectiveness of a tolerance break, you need to understand what’s happening in your body when you smoke. There is a receptor in your brain called Cannabinoid type I (CB1). When you consume weed, THC cannabinoid is released into your body. When this happens CB1 receptors respond to the THC cannabinoid in the plant, causing the effects known as getting “high.”  Getting high is basically an increase of the activity of CB1 receptors.  

If you continuously give your body THC over time, your brain starts to lower the increased activity of your CB1 receptors. When CB1 receptors don’t increase their activity, your body won’t respond as effectively to THC causing you to develop a tolerance to THC. This will then result in you not getting as high.

When you take a tolerance break aka abstain from smoking weed, you’re giving your body the chance to have CB1 receptors return to normal levels in most regions of the brain, and when they return to normal levels again, you will feel the effects of getting high again.

Why Would you Take a Tolerance Break?

There are many reasons for a tolerance break or a break in general. The obvious is that you want to decrease your tolerance to weed. However people tend to take a break when they are looking for a new job and know they will get drug tested. Some people are even forced to take a tolerance break because they were unfortunately put on probation and being clean is a mandate.

How Long Should you Take a Tolerance Break?

The length of a tolerance break that would be good for you can be subjective based on your own body chemistry and the frequency of your use. Typically it’s suggested to take between 3 days to a month for a break. If you haven’t already, Grounded plus contains a tracker to help approximate how long until your CB1 receptors are fully restored. 

If you would like to learn strategies to use to take a successful T-break, please check out our article called “Tips for a Successful Tolerance Break”

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