31 tips that would help someone quit smoking weed?

Quitting cannabis won’t be the hardest thing you have to do in life. However, it’s also not an easy process. If your mind is set on quitting weed for good, then we are here to help you. In this article we have provided 31 tips that’ll help you in your journey:

Understand Your Addiction

If you are a recurrent cannabis consumer, you will want to use cannabis before any activity. This is because you believe that without cannabis you can’t do these activities. Therefore, learning to do things without cannabis is the best way to quit it.

Be certain you want to Quit

Firstly, you should make a clear and firm decision to quit smoking weed. Ensure your friends or family members know about your decision so that they can help you in the process.

Get rid of smoking accessories

Simply seeing a matchstick can spark your craving for weed. Throw away the pots, matches, lighters, roach clips, bongs, or containers. You can burn away or flush any leftover weeds down the toilet.

Effectively control Your Urges

When you decide to stop smoking, a powerful spirit urges you to reverse your decision like a counterattack. Controlling the urge to smoke weed is essential in quitting the habit.

Battle your Withdrawal Symptoms

Cannabis withdrawal symptoms are easy to handle. They usually appear 24 hours after you quit cold turkey. Some users may take up to 2 – 4 weeks to balance up and act normal again.

Switch Your Routine and Activities

Quitting weed smoking will also require you to switch up your routine. You can replace the times you spent smoking with more productive activities.

Implement New Activities and Hobbies

Users who want to quit smoking weed also need to put a lot of effort into new hobbies and leisure activities. These activities are essential in deviating your mind from the thoughts of smoking.

Remain Busy and Cheerful

Individuals who consume weed frequently are usually because they are idle or bored. Therefore, if you keep yourself always busy through activities, you won’t desire to smoke weed.

Follow Your Plan

If you maintain a strict schedule, within a month or two you should be completely free from your desire to smoke weed.

Stay Motivated

Some people decide to stop smoking weed and after a few days, they go back to their old smoking habit. To achieve your goal of quitting weed, it takes strong determination and persistent efforts.

Visit a therapist

You can visit professionally trained de-addiction therapists to get assistance with common symptoms of cannabis withdrawal such as depression and anxiety.

Consult a psychiatrist

A psychiatrist knows the pharmacological to help overcome weed addiction. Psychiatrists also give motivational counseling that can put your mind on the right track to achieve your goal of quitting pot smoking.

Join Marijuana Anonymous Groups

Being alone while trying to quit smoking may not give you enough motivation to succeed with your plan. You will constantly be filled with peer pressure and low confidence.

When you join groups like the ‘Marijuana Anonymous’ or ‘Narcotics Anonymous’, they will provide the necessary motivation to help you quit weed.  

If all else Fails, Check Yourself into a Rehabilitation Center

This is a great way to get help from well-trained professionals who are dedicated to rehabilitating the victims of addiction.

Understand your triggers and control them

Every cannabis consumer must have something that triggers them to start smoking. It may be a movie. You should determine what triggers you to smoke and try to control it.

Quit gradually

Depending on your level of addiction to marijuana smoking, using the cold turkey may not work for you. Therefore, users should seek other ways to quit marijuana.

Write down your progress

Reward yourself with small wins to increase your motivation for the process. Writing down your progress is much simpler when you seek medical help.

Use relapses to your advantage

There’s a high probability that you’ll panic at least once in your goal to quit marijuana smoking. However, this is common and shouldn’t be a form of determent. Instead, your relapses should act as a recovery board.

Exercise daily

Exercise is a good way to reduce addiction cravings. This is because it burns the THC stored in the fatty acids in your body making your body to be THC free.

Plan sober activities

Sober activities are weed-free events that will help curb weed smoking. These activities associate you with non-cannabis smokers making you have fun without getting high. These activities also make you happy being sober.

Avoid weed smoking friends

Your stoner friends can easily convince you to go back to your old smoking habits. Staying away from them will not only help you stop smoking but also allow you to make new friends with nonsmokers.

Maintain a Good Diet

It is very essential to eat healthy while trying to quit. This will not only make you feel good but give you motivation towards achieving your goals.

Drink Lots of Water

Water will help flush out your system, removing toxins that result from weed smoking. Water can also help clear your body and your mind.

Create Social Support

A powerful social support system is necessary for success. Let your friends and family know that you are quitting, they will happily help you in attaining your goal.

Do not Replace One Bad Habit with Another

Some cannabis smokers may think replacing weed with cigarettes will stop addiction to weed. This will only make things worse, and you should avoid doing it.

Try Different Methods

Do your research and try what has worked for others. The determination to quitting will determine your success.  

Set your timer to 3 months

It takes about 3 months for cannabis compounds to completely leave your system. During this period, you should be very committed and disciplined. Plan your calendar and ensure to follow all the steps to full recovery.

Remind yourself

Write paper notes and hang them on the wall which each note stating a reason to quit smoking. When your cravings begin to manifest, you can read these notes to gain motivation.  

Be patient

Regular or heavy smokers can start slowly by reducing their dosage before finally going extinct.  

Put yourself on a budget

Having a low budget will make purchasing weed impossible and help in your goal of quitting weed.

Use different consumption methods

Most users quit smoking weed because of the risks associated such as lung infections. You can switch to edibles cannabis to stop your cravings for smoking.


These are some of the ways on how to quit marijuana. To start the process, you need to be true to yourself about what you want to happen. When you’ve set your mind to quit weed, then you can take the necessary steps to stop the habit.