Signs of Addiction to Weed

If you’ve downloaded Grounded to quit weed, you may already be re-evaluating your relationship with weed. But if you would like to know if you potentially have some form of dependence to weed, here is a list to look out for:

It’s the first thing you do as soon as you wake up

You’re using weed to avoid problems in your life

You’ve developed a high tolerance and need larger amounts to get high

You find that you can’t do anything and don’t find anything enjoyable unless you’re high

You tend to get high at inappropriate times

You find it nearly impossible to cut down or stop whenever you resolve that you will stop

You start to prioritize getting high over your personal responsibilities

You consistently spend more money than you have to get high

You’ve stopped doing hobbies, or activities you enjoy and smoke weed instead

You experience withdrawal symptoms if you don’t smoke weed for a period of time 

You have strong and uncontrollable urges to smoke

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7 thoughts on “Signs of Addiction to Weed”

  1. What is said is pretty accurate. I myself am addicted to marijuana. I have learned to control the urges. I wouldn’t say I’m completely addicted but smoking is something that takes up about 80% of my thoughts in a single day. 80% of the time I’m always thinking about how I can get high next or who I can buy off of.

  2. It is so hard to realize and admit that I answered a very strong yes to each and every question in the article! I sure pray God helps me kick it and honestly answer no to each question in the future! Best of luck to everyone!

  3. If you got anxiety, you start to develop more fear to your surroundings, and by that you won’t get more social with friends, aswell as family

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