Activities to do instead of smoking

If you’re trying to quit weed, or take a tolerance break. Here are a few activities you can pick up

Watch Netflix

Play video games

Read a book

Play or pick up a new instrument

Listen to music

Learn a new language

Pick up or continue creating art


Pick up or continue cooking

Go to a museum

Watch sports


Go rock climbing


Sky diving


Go Hiking

Go to the Gym

Learn to sing

Go fishing

Go hunting

Start a business or side hustle

Go to a restaurant 

Watch a movie

Go running 

Go for a walk

Hang out with your friends and don’t smoke 😉

Clean your apartment or house

Pick up planting 

Play with a pet

Pick up surfing

Pick up photography 

Pick up knitting

try poetry

Go to an open mic night comedy or singing

Solve  a puzzle or Rubix cube

Ride a bike

Ride a scooter

Learn how to ride a motor cycle

Learn how to drive stick shift 

Explore your city or town

Travel to another country

Experience nature

Go to the zoo

Go to the aquarium

Fly a kite

Learn martial arts

Read an autobiography

Pick up archery

Go to a concert

Increase your income (Think and Grow Rich)

Learn to code

Go to an amusement park

Go on a Date

Learn salsa dancing

Become a foodie

If you’re religious explore your religion or a new religion 

Move to a new area to escape negative influences 

Go back to school 

Experiment with incense or palo santo wood

Go on a road trip

Go ice skating

Go skiing 

Take a pottery class

Go to a beach

Pick up a new sport

Hang out with family 

Go on a staycation 

if you have any more suggestions you’d like to see on this list please email cionuigbo@gmail.com 

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